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Results from ManseFlyIndoor

F3P-Aeromusical competition was organised in Pirkkahalli, Tampere.

F3P-AM Cup 2006 2/2   Kierros 1    Kierros 2    Kierros 3    Yhteensä 2/3
1. Jooel Kalmari    363    1,000    1,000    2,000
2. Kimmo Kaukoranta    1,000    975    954    1,975
3. Mikko Lehto    553    677    738    1,414
4. Pasi Kärppä    800    807    756    1,607
5. Topi Korhonen    712    736    751    1,487

ManseFlyIndoor 2006

ManseFlyIndoor was the biggest indoor happening in 2004 with over 100 pilots and this year it’s going to be even bigger. In addition to F3P-AM You will have plenty of oppotunities to just fly for fun and to participate in other competitions like indoor combat, pylon, scale, etc. There will also be some free flight competitions (F1D, F1M in the morning) and Ilmailuliitto will present the awards for the Finnish Championships in all aeromodelling classes in the evening. Only one day but around 10 hours of RC-flying.

More information at

Freestyle Competition at Model Expo 2007

ModelExpo 2007 is the biggest modeling exhibition in Finland and there will be one hall dedicated to indoor flying. The exhibition will be from Friday to Sunday and the F3P-AM competition will take place on Saturday. More information about the contest later.

There will be other competitions and shows as well during the event held at Helsinki Fair Centre from March 30th to April 1st. More information at

InSkaala 2006

inSkaala is an annual indoor scale model flying event organized by Pietarsaari RC-flying Club (Pietarsaaren Seudun RC-lentäjät). The event was focused on indoor RC scale models but there were a lot of activities around other types of indoor flying. F3P-Sport and Advanced indoor competitions are flown during the event.

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Results for Season 2006

There were four Finnish Champion competitions in the season 2006. In addition there were many Cup-series. For F3A we had Cup-competitions for Nordic and Sport-classes. F3P (indoor) Cups were organised for Aeromusical, F3P-Sport and F3P-Advanced classes.

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Results from F3A SM/Cup 4/4 2006, Kokkola

Results from the last competition of the season 2006 held in Kokkola.

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F3A European Championship in Switzerland 2006

13th F3A European Championship was held at Buochs (near Luzern) in Switzerland, from August 26th to 2nd of September 2006.

F3A Team Finland participated in the Championships with a team of two pilots, Kimmo Kaukoranta and Lassi Nurila, and team manager Juho Karppinen. We provided some “live” coverage from the location in means of pictures and stories.

The official homepage of the Championships is a reference point for all official information such as bulletins and results. Other places for discussion are for example (in Finnish) and RCUniverse. If you have a good link to add here, please drop an e-mail [email: juho.karppinen #AT# ] or use contact form.

EC 2006 – Finals

10 best pilots continued their fight for the title of European Champion. The day consisted of two F07 final programs and two unknown schedules.

Final results:

  1. Christophe Paysant-Le Roux (FRA)
  2. Roland Matt (LIE)
  3. Sebastiano Silvestri (ITA)
  4. Gerhard Mayr (AUT)
  5. Wolfgang Matt (LIE)
  6. Benoît Paysant-Le Roux (FRA)
  7. Bernhard Schaden (SUI)
  8. Marc Rubin (SUI)
  9. Markus Zeiner (AUT)
  10. Helmut Danksagmueller (AUT)

The banquet was held at 1900 meters altitude at Mount Stanserhorn. Pictures by Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Semifinals

19 best pilots out of 59 competitors took part in semifinal rounds. Two F07 programs were flown and based on the results 10 pilots are going into finals.

Participants in order of preliminary results and their equipment:

  1. MATT Roland LIE – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  2. PAYSANT-LE ROUX Christophe FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  3. SILVESTRI Sebastiano ITA – Angel S + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  4. PAYSANT-LE ROUX Benoît FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  5. CARRIER Stéphane FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  6. MATT Wolfgang LIE – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  7. ZEINER Markus AUT – Impression – YS160DZ
  8. DANKSAGMUELLER Helmut AUT – Pinnacle + YS160DZ
  9. WISSINGER Markus GER – Own design/manufacturing “Dream Theater II” + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  10. MAYR Gerhard AUT – Own design/manufacturing “Daggrom” + YS160DZ
  11. RUBIN Marc SUI – Onyx + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  12. BRESCI Andrea ITA- Impression + YS160DZ
  13. SCHADEN Bernhard SUI – Twister + YS170DZ
  14. LAMMEL Christian GER – Impression + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  15. PRAT Isaac ESP – Angel’s Shadow E + Hacker C50 15XL
  16. FREMMING Ola NOR – Oxalys + OS140RX-EFI
  17. GRASSELLI Andrea ITA – Impact + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  18. ULSAMER Günther GER – Excalibur + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  19. MARQUET Philippe BEL – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp

The day was dramatical. Stephane Carrier from France lost both of his Oxalys planes because of radio interference problems. His planes went into fail-safe mode on both of his semifinal flights and crashed uncontrolled into ground. Very sad incident because he flew very well and would have definitely managed to go into finals.

In addition to F3A flying, there were nice show flights during the lunch brake. The show included a jet with turbine motor, gliders with 6m wingspan starting both with electric motors and aerotowing, and 3m Katana-s with 4 electric motors plus huge pack of lipos. In addition we saw a depron plane which can fly both forward and backward. Photos by Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Fourth Round

The fourth and the last preliminary round. The weather was much better but very cold. Even some snow had been raining on top of near mountains creating true Alpine landscape.

Our day started early since Lassi’s turn was third and the round started at 7.00am. It was dark when we started assemblying planes on the airfield. But the sunrise looked great with white mountains on the background. Photographer Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Third Raining Day

The third competition day with bad weather. Pictures taken by Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Second Raining Day

The second competition day was again rainy.

After yesterdays humidity Lassi’s plane was out of trim and made his flying difficult. Even it was raining hard during the evening, we went to a practise site to make some trimming flights. Pictures taken by Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Day 1

The first competition day was flown on Sunday in rainy conditions. It was raining practically the whole day but clouds were high and didn’t cause much troubles for competition. The day was completed almost in schedule but everything was soaking wet and the field had turned into mud. The weather forecast doesn’t expect better conditions until Thursday. Photographer was Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Official Practise Day

Official practise took place on Saturday and we were able to get used to the contest site. Mountains behind the airfield offered interesting experience for pilots not used to such landscape. However, flying in front of mountains was easier than we first expected.

The sun was shining almost the whole day but it started raining just before the last flights. After a small delay flying could be continued and opening ceremony started almost on time. Photos were taken by Juho Karppinen.

EC 2006 – Practising

Some pictures from the contest site and practise field at Chum. Pictures taken by Juho Karppinen.

Results from F3A SM/Cup 3/4 2006, Hämeenkyrö

Results from the third competition from Hämeenkyrö. FAI competition included both preliminaries and finals.

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Results from F3A Sport Cup 3/5 2006, Seinäjoki

Results from Sport-cup competition held in Seinäjoki.

Sport Cup 3/5   Kierros 1    Kierros 2    Kierros 3    Yhteensä 2/3
1. Juha reinikka    1,000    1,000    958    2,000
2. Jooel Kalmari    986    993    1,000    1,993
3. Teemu Niemi    958    700    830    1,788
4. Olli Karhunen    806    891    891    1,782
5. Tommi Loukola    756    826    731    1,582
6. Petri Järvimies    894    304    676    1,570
7. Matti Karhunen    597    778    779    1,557

Bulletin, F3A SM/Cup 4/4 2006, Kokkola

The last competition of season 2006 is organized at Kruunupyy airfield (Kokkola) on September 16-17. The bulletin is available in the Finnish version of the post.

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Results from F3A SM/Cup 2/4 2006, Oulu

Results from the second competition from Oulu. FAI competition included both preliminaries and finals.

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Results from SM/Cup 1/4 2006, Turku

Results from the first competition of the year 2006 held in Turku May 20-21. Some story and pictures in

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