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Results for Season 2003

The title for F3A FAI Finnish Championship was given in one Championship competition. The FAI and Nordic Cups were decided based on points given in four Cup competitions (Finnish Championship included). International competitions were Nordic Championships in Finland and World Championships in Poland.

FAI SM Oulu 26.-27.7  Kierros 1  Kierros 2  Kierros 3  Kierros 4  Yhteensä 3/4
1. Jens Poikelin   1000    1000    1000    1000   3000
2. Tuomas Tanska   810   993    821    939    2752
3. Markus Aaltonen  742   871    858    915    2644
4. Jani Loikkanen   568   682    716    616    2014
5. Ari Syrjä    558   664    691    650    2005
6. Erkko Saviaro    624   395    540    526    1690
7. Mikko Eirola    145   78    0    2    224

FAI Cup   Turku    Hämeenkyrö    Oulu    Jämi    Yhteensä 3/4
1. Markus Aaltonen    7    6    3    6    22
2. Jens Poikelin       7    5    7    19
3. Jussi Kettunen    6    5       4    15
4. Robert Sundström SWE          7       7
5. Tommy Stenlund SWE          6       6
6. Esa Eirola             5    5
7. Ari Syrjä       4    1       5
8. Erkko Saviaro    5       0       5
9. Tuomas Tanska          4       4
10. Juho Karppinen    4             4
11. Kimmo Kaukoranta             3    3
12. Jani Loikkanen          2       2
13. Mikko Eirola          0       0

Nordic Cup   Turku    Hämeenkyrö    Oulu    Jämi    Yhteensä 3/4
1. Jani Loikkanen    7    6    6    7    26
2. Lassi Nurila    5    7    7       19
3. Kimmo Kaukoranta    6    5    5       16
4. Raimo Ruokonen    4    4       6    14
5. Iiro Nikkilä       3       5    8
6. Juha Nissi    3    2          5
7. Mikko Eirola          4       4
8. Tuomas Pietinen    2             2

F3A Cup 4/4 2003, Jämi

Results from the last Cup competition of the season 2003 and some pictures of Midas 90 by Raimo Sällinen.

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F3A WC 2003 in Poland

World Championship competetion in Deblin, Poland, August 7-18 2003.

Finland had a large team on site consisting of three pilots, team manager and supporters. We provided some daily reports on Finnish forum and pictures on these pages.

The official kotisivu doesn’t work anymore (February 2007).

WC 2003: Athmosphere

Portraits including pictures from the Finnish team by Markus Aaltonen.

WC 2003: Contest arena

Pictures by Tuomas Tanska from the contest and practise sites during the competition.

WC 2003: Registration

Championships started with registration of planes and opening ceremonies. Album contains many detailed pictures from planes taken by Markus Aaltonen.

WC 2003: More Practise

Pictures from free practise before the start of the competition by Markus Aaltonen.

F3A SM & Cup 3/4 2003, Oulu

Results from the 2003 Finnish Championship and third part of the Cup series. The results of the Cup competition were also results of the Finnish Championship competition, except two Swedish competitors were not taken into account.

Pictures and reportage at

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Bulletin, F3A Cup 4/4 2003, Jämi

Bulletin for the last championship competition in Jämi on September 6-7. The complete version of the bulletin is available in the Finnish version of the post.

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WC 2003: At the Practise Site

There was enought time to practise before the competition started. Pictures by Tuomas Tanska.

WC 2003: Travelling

The team travelled to Poland by car through Baltic coutries. Pictures by Tuomas Tanska.

F3A Cup 2/4 2003, Hämeenkyrö

Results from the second cup competition of the year 2003. Pictures and reportage at home page of Raimo Ruokonen
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NC 2003: Day 4 – Sunday

Cloud base did not lift properly and we saw mostly just showflying today.

F3A-FAI 4th preliminary or finals could not be flown, so end results are based on 3 preliminary rounds. According to them, OLA FREMMING IS NOW FIVE TIMES NORDIC CHAMPION!!! Congratulations on the behalf of organisers!

After Fremming, there were two swedes; Bernt Olsson and Anders Johansson. Swedish Teamwork was so good, that they secured the best position among teams by good margin. Well done!

There were two short speeches in prizegiving ceremony held by CD Erkki Haapanen and flightline director Erkko Saviaro. Prizes were hand out and Championships were declared over. What was remaining still was some show flying. Fremming gave marvellous demonstration of smooth precision and control, flying rolling circles with one roll, hammerhead loops and 360 inverted circles with his Synergy. Other show flyers were electrics: 3D- Diablotin, Electric F3A-Midas, indoor bibe and a couple of fast gliders.

Meals at the Jämi Motel and off we go heading home to different directions. Safe journey to all and see you again, flying pattern!

Final results are in here.

F3A NC 2003 Organisers

NC 2003: Day 3 – Saturday

Saturday morning we were supposed to continue with 3rd Nordic round. However the cloud base wasn’t high enough so starting of flights were delayed.

At 1100AM cloud base had lifted somewhat and competition could be continued. However there were still some problems with visibility in high altitudes. But the whole round was completed succesfully.

Next round should have been 4th FAI round, but the ceiling wasn’t still high enough to make all FAI pilots feel comfortable. F3A-Nordic -class does not involve as high-reaching manuevers as F3A-FAI, so the last Nordic round was started instead.

In the afternoon it started to rain and flights were stopped for a couple of hours. Fortunately we were able to finish the last 5 flights before the evening (and banquet). Final F3A-Nordic NC 2003 results can be found the result page.

Congratulations to new Nordic Champion, Pål Westerhaug from Norway!

It must be pointed out that silver medalist, Lassi Nurila is only 16 years old which probably makes him the youngest F3A-Nordic -pilot this high in the scoreboard ever! Good work.

Team results, F3A-Nordic

1. Norway 1000
2. Finland 975
3. Denmark 925
4. Sweden 829

Lets hope we can get enough weather to get the FAI finals running.

NC 2003: Day 2 – Friday

Thursday evening looked certainly promising. Sky cleared up almost the same time as day´s last competition flight was flown. There was even some delightful looking slope gliding action among the F3A-pros flying Zagis and HLGs.Well it was not to be though, as frontal system made morning weather to look almost the same as Thrusday morning. Bad weather unexpectancies most certainly belong to aviation! So basically, if it rains, then you´ll do it in the rain!

Day 2 was opened up by a round of F3A-Nordic. This class is our Scandinavian version meant to lower the difficulty levels somewhat with new pilots in mind. Nordic maneuvers are decided every second year during Nordic Championships, and it happened to be Friday evening here in Jämijärvi that the Nordic routine for the next two years was decided. F3A-FAI gets harder and harder every year, so Nordic might be doing the same…

Material side of the things manifested itself today in form of a few zeros in the scoreboard. There was an inflight engine stoppage and three technical problems in the readybox. High workload associated with retractable landing gear systems is well known to all, and it did claim one of the cancellations today, another one being engine vibration mount failure.

Speaking of retracts, about half of the competitors still used them. With today´s high-powered engines and even decidedly large-diameter, drag-inducing fuselages the need for retracts it not so obvious anymore. But still, they are used so they probably fit to the flying styles of several people.

During yesterdays registration, details of all models were written down, and thus we can offer you a full listing of equipment used by each team, which surely is of interest to everyone. Some statistical analysis will show where we are heading in this class.

Results after Day 2: Fremming leads the way in FAI (did anybody expect anything less?) and Urban Forslöf (SWE) in Nordic. Norwegian team is very strong in Nordic, whereas Swedes have the best team effort in FAI.

NC 2003: Day 1 – Thursday

F3A Nordic Championships started in Jämijärvi, Finland. Conditions were not exactly ideal with brisk wind directly across the flying direction, but lets look at the bright side: it did not rain.
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Bulletin, F3A SM + Cup 3/4 2003, Oulu

The 2003 Finnish Championship and third Cup competition is held in Oulu on July 26-27. The complete version of the bulletin is available in the Finnish version of the post.

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F3A Cup 1/4 2003, Turku

Results from the first competition of the year 2003. Pictures by Juha Nissi and reportage at home page of Raimo Ruokonen.

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Bulletin, F3A Cup 2/4 2003, Hämeenkyrö

The seconds cup competition is held in Hämeenkyrö on June 14-15. The complete version of the bulletin is available in the Finnish version of the post.

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Bulletin, F3A Cup 1/4 2003, Turku

The first cup competition is held in Turku on May 24-25. The complete version of the bulletin is available in the Finnish version of the post.

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