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The second winter season competition in Pietarsaari

Season’s second competition of indoor aerobatics was held in Pietarsaari, 21.11.2009.

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F3P Indoor Results, Eerikkilä FlyIndoor ’09

Results from the first competition of indoor aerobatics Finnish Cup 2010. Due to tight schedule only two rounds were flown in Sport, Advanced and Aeromusical classes. In FAI class all three rounds were flown and two best rounds were taken into account to final results in below.

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F3A World Championships 2009, Pombal, Portugal – Aug 29th – Finals

Ranska vie kaiken: veljekset Christophe & Benoit Paysant-LeRoux ensimmäinen ja toinen! Joukkuekulta Ranskaan! Christophe viisinkertainen mestari (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005 ja 2009)!




Tuntemattomat ohjelmat:

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F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 28th – Semifinals

Photos from the semifinals on friday.

Results of the semifinals:


F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 26th – 4th and last day of the preliminaries

Photos from wednesday.

Results of the preliminaries:

F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 25th – Third day of the preliminaries

Photos from tuesday.

F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 24th – Second day of the preliminaries

Photos from monday, the second day of the preliminaries

F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 23nd – First day of the preliminaries

Photos from the first day of competition.

F3A Worlds 2009, Portugal – Opening Ceremony Aug 22nd

Photos from saturday, mainly from the opening ceremony of the World Championships.

The Finnish team, from left Lassi Nurila, Antti Aho-Mantila, Milja Hahto and Jani Loikkanen

The Finnish team in Portugal, from left Antti Aho-Mantila, Lassi Nurila, our judge Esa Eirola, Päivi Eirola and Milja Hahto. Jani Loikkanen is hiding behind the camera.

F3A World Championships 2009, Pombal, Portugal – Links

The Finnish National team is reporting to discussion forum in Finnish, but You can take a look at their photos on these pages (see other news below). Here are some links to more worlds reports by other teams and enthusiast. Thanks to everyone involved for keeping us back home updated and best of luck for all of the teams!

Ola Fremmings blog

Chad Norteasts blog

Dezlo Vaghys blog

Team USA reports by Cindy Wickizer

The WC 2009 thread in RC Universe

Team Austria reporting (in German) Babelfish traslated to English

Team Ecuador (in Spanish) Lots of great photos! Babelfish translated to English

Team Argentina (in Spanish) Babelfish translated to English

Team Spain (in Spanish) Babelfish translated to English

Videos by Andres Girabel (ESP) in Vimeo

Derek Koopowitz’s Picasa web album

F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 21st – Official Training

Photos from friday, official practice and inspection for team Finland

F3A World Championships 2009, Pombal, Portugal – 3rd day Aug 20th

Photos from the third day of unofficial practice.

F3A World Championships 2009, Portugal – Aug 18.-19th – Training

Suomen taitolennokki maajoukkue Portugalin MM-kisoissa koostuu piloteista Lassi Nurila, Jani Loikkanen ja Antti Aho-Mantila, avustajana Milja Hahto. Antti on samalla myös joukkueenjohtaja.

Tässä joitakin kuvia ekoilta harjoituspäiviltä 18.-19.8 Fatiman kentältä. Lisää myöhemmin.

Suomen joukkueen kuulumisia voi seurata myös kisasäikeessä:



18.-19.7.2009 – F3A Väst Gothenburg

Finnish team members visited the Swedish F3A championships on their way to the Nordic championships in Grenå Denmark. Two finnish FAI pilots, Antti Aho-Mantila and Lassi Nurila, as well as one Nordic pilot, Raimo Ruokonen, took part in the competition. There were altogether 14 pilots in FAI and 7 in Nordic class.
Weather conditions were mostly windy and rainy on both competition days.
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Final results of the Finnish F3A season 2009

The final F3A competition results of season 2009:

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Results of the Hämeenkyrö contest

Results from Hämeenkyrö competition below.

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F3A Nordic Championships 2010 Aftermatch

Pictures from Nordic championships with commentary in Finnish only. Continue reading ‘F3A Nordic Championships 2010 Aftermatch’

Silver medal to Finland from the Nordic Championships 2009!

Lassi palkintojen jaossa
Lassi Nurila of Finland has won silver medal from the Nordic Championships 2009 held in Grenå, Denmark July 22.-25th.

Congratulations to Lassi! Hyvä Suomi!
Lassi Integral-koneensa kanssa

Meeting in Eerikkilä

Annual meeting, reports from the Nordic- and World Championships and judging/flying cource

Indoor aerobatics in Eerikkilä FlyIndoor ’09 happening

Indoor aerobatic contest in Eerikkilä October 3rd 2009, classes F3P Sport, Advanced, F3P-A and F3P-AM Aeromusicals.

More info:

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