EC 2006 – Finals

10 best pilots continued their fight for the title of European Champion. The day consisted of two F07 final programs and two unknown schedules.

Final results:

  1. Christophe Paysant-Le Roux (FRA)
  2. Roland Matt (LIE)
  3. Sebastiano Silvestri (ITA)
  4. Gerhard Mayr (AUT)
  5. Wolfgang Matt (LIE)
  6. BenoƮt Paysant-Le Roux (FRA)
  7. Bernhard Schaden (SUI)
  8. Marc Rubin (SUI)
  9. Markus Zeiner (AUT)
  10. Helmut Danksagmueller (AUT)

The banquet was held at 1900 meters altitude at Mount Stanserhorn. Pictures by Juho Karppinen.

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