EC 2006 – Semifinals

19 best pilots out of 59 competitors took part in semifinal rounds. Two F07 programs were flown and based on the results 10 pilots are going into finals.

Participants in order of preliminary results and their equipment:

  1. MATT Roland LIE – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  2. PAYSANT-LE ROUX Christophe FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  3. SILVESTRI Sebastiano ITA – Angel S + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  4. PAYSANT-LE ROUX Benoît FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  5. CARRIER Stéphane FRA – Oxalys + YS170DZ
  6. MATT Wolfgang LIE – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  7. ZEINER Markus AUT – Impression – YS160DZ
  8. DANKSAGMUELLER Helmut AUT – Pinnacle + YS160DZ
  9. WISSINGER Markus GER – Own design/manufacturing “Dream Theater II” + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  10. MAYR Gerhard AUT – Own design/manufacturing “Daggrom” + YS160DZ
  11. RUBIN Marc SUI – Onyx + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  12. BRESCI Andrea ITA- Impression + YS160DZ
  13. SCHADEN Bernhard SUI – Twister + YS170DZ
  14. LAMMEL Christian GER – Impression + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  15. PRAT Isaac ESP – Angel’s Shadow E + Hacker C50 15XL
  16. FREMMING Ola NOR – Oxalys + OS140RX-EFI
  17. GRASSELLI Andrea ITA – Impact + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  18. ULSAMER Günther GER – Excalibur + Hacker C50 XL Comp
  19. MARQUET Philippe BEL – Beryll + Hacker C50 XL Comp

The day was dramatical. Stephane Carrier from France lost both of his Oxalys planes because of radio interference problems. His planes went into fail-safe mode on both of his semifinal flights and crashed uncontrolled into ground. Very sad incident because he flew very well and would have definitely managed to go into finals.

In addition to F3A flying, there were nice show flights during the lunch brake. The show included a jet with turbine motor, gliders with 6m wingspan starting both with electric motors and aerotowing, and 3m Katana-s with 4 electric motors plus huge pack of lipos. In addition we saw a depron plane which can fly both forward and backward. Photos by Juho Karppinen.

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