During the winters, there are two different styles of indoor aerobatics flown. F3P Sport, F3P Advanced and F3P-A represent more traditional artobatics where all of the pilots fly the same maneuvres in front of the judges. The emphasis is on the precision of the maneuvres. Three different classes/difficulty levels quarantees that while it’s easy to get started, there will be enough challenge for event the most skilled pilots. In addition to these three classes with different skill levels, F3P-AM Aeromusicals class is flown. In this class each of the pilots fly a freestyle program to music, comprising of maneuvres of their own choice. The empasis is on the artistic quality and entertainmet value of the program. The precision of the maneuvres is still one of the criteria.

F3P Sport – For Beginners in Indoor Aerobatics

F3P Sport call sheet v011

F3P Advanced (F3P-B) – for intermediate indoor pilots

FAI AA-17 ohjelma
F3P Advanced AA17 call sheet v01
F3P AA 17 Aresti 2

F3P FAI – for advanced indoor pilots

FAI AP-17 and FAI AF-17


F3P-AM Aeromusicals

In the Aeromusicals class each of the pilots prepares and flies a freestyle program to the music of their choise. Duration of the program is 120 seconds. The rules from the FAI class F3P-AM Aeromusicas apply. The official rules can be found in the FAI Sporting Code that can be downloaded from

Pasi Kärppä leijuttaa Yak-55 Aeromusicals-lennokkiaan