NC 2003: Day 3 – Saturday

Saturday morning we were supposed to continue with 3rd Nordic round. However the cloud base wasn’t high enough so starting of flights were delayed.

At 1100AM cloud base had lifted somewhat and competition could be continued. However there were still some problems with visibility in high altitudes. But the whole round was completed succesfully.

Next round should have been 4th FAI round, but the ceiling wasn’t still high enough to make all FAI pilots feel comfortable. F3A-Nordic -class does not involve as high-reaching manuevers as F3A-FAI, so the last Nordic round was started instead.

In the afternoon it started to rain and flights were stopped for a couple of hours. Fortunately we were able to finish the last 5 flights before the evening (and banquet). Final F3A-Nordic NC 2003 results can be found the result page.

Congratulations to new Nordic Champion, Pål Westerhaug from Norway!

It must be pointed out that silver medalist, Lassi Nurila is only 16 years old which probably makes him the youngest F3A-Nordic -pilot this high in the scoreboard ever! Good work.

Team results, F3A-Nordic

1. Norway 1000
2. Finland 975
3. Denmark 925
4. Sweden 829

Lets hope we can get enough weather to get the FAI finals running.

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