F3A Nordic Championship 2011

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List of participants

Sporting Licence:

A valid FAI sporting licence is required from the FAI pilots.

In the Nordic class, the licence is not mandatory, but recommended. Some proof of a valid insurance (like a membeship card of the national aviation club) is required for those without a licence.

Bulletin 1, published March 17th, 2011:

Bulletin1 (PDF)

registration_form (PDF)

registration_form (XLS)

Discussion list
Contaction all relevant persons for the Nordic Championships has not been very easy. To improve the communication, we have established an email discussion list anyone interested in F3A and the NC can join. Any updates regarding NC 2011 will be sent to the list and later we can use it to discuss future championships, rule changes etc. The amount of mail sent should not be a problem for anyone, and we do our best to block out any spam etc, so please feel free to join.

To join the list, please go to: http://groups.google.com/group/f3a-nordic

To send a message to the list, just email f3a-nordic [email: f3a-nordic #AT# googlegroups.com ]

Preliminary info, published September 16th, 2010:

The F3A Nordic championships 2011 will be held in Jämi airfield on week 27. That is the week from July 4.-10th. The reason for the early date is of course the world championships in USA that are scheduled already to July 23.-31.

The exact dates and schedule will be announced later, but we will probably start already on Tuesday with the official practice/registration and the finals & banquet will be on Saturday. Sunday is not available as a rain day (other event starting in Jämi), so we will adjust the schedule accordingly. These will be announced in the first bulletin, later this autumn.

Jämi was also the host for the 2003 F3A Nordic championships, as well as many other aviation competitions and events every year. Jämi also has a very special place in the history of Finnish civil aviation. With it’s hotel and restaurant services, and even a camping area, it is an ideal place to host the championships.

More on what is available in Jämi: http://www.jamimyynti.fi/uk/home.html

The flying will take place on runway 27-09, which is a 830m x 15m asphalt runway in east-west direction. The pilot will be facing roughly to the north when flying, so the sun should only become a problem very late in the evening.

For more info You can contact:

Kimmo Kaukoranta kimmo.kaukoranta [email: kimmo.kaukoranta #AT# nokia.com ] or Seppo Pekkala seppo.pekkala [email: seppo.pekkala #AT# saunalahti.fi ]