Viljandi spring camp 2010

F3A-Team spring camp was held in Viljandi, Estonia 14.-16.5.2010.

Following team members started this season under excellent weather conditions:

  • Kimmo Kaukoranta
  • Kimmo Huoviala
  • Lauri Pitkäjärvi
  • Seppo Pekkala
  • Sami Herpiö
  • Jukka Peltonen

Friday and saturday was free flying and sunday we had three competitions

  1. Bomb dropping
  2. Freestyle with music
  3. Man-to-man competition

Bomb dropping competition was tie, because Koha and Andris Sebims better half were equally good.

Freestyle competition was quite challenging and following pilots tried their best:

Freestyle Nationality Song
1 Ilmar Roosmaa EST Enya , trikopter
2 Lauri Pitkajärvi FIN Night Amar
3 Kimmo Huoviala FIN Slee sun
4 Seppo Pekkala FIN Mission impossible
5 Kimmo Kaukoranta FIN Progr
6 Andris Sebims LAT Port/Pen
7 Taivo Murumäe EST Firef Hands Free

Three best:

  1. Kimmo Kaukoranta
  2. Andris Sebims
  3. Seppo Pekkala

Men-to-men competition program was free and judges selected better to the next round.

  • Kimmo Kaukoranta V.S Andris Sebims => Kimmo Kaukoranta
  • Seppo Pekkala V.S. Sami Herpiö => Sami Herpiö

Final list after two rounds:

Men-to-men final scores
1 Kimmo Kaukoranta
2 Sami Herpiö
3 Seppo Pekkala
4 Andris Sebims

Many thanks to organizers!

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