Lassi Nurila reaches the finals at the F3A World Championships in Switzerland

Lassi Nurila has reached the finals and 8th place at the F3A World Championship in Duebendor, Switzerland. He is also the first Finnish pilot to ever reach the worlds top 10 in the long history of the championships dating back to 1960.

Winner is Christophe Paysant-Le Roux (France), second place Tetsuo Onda (Japan) and third Stefan Kaiser (Liechtenstain). Team competition went to the USA, Japan 2nd and France 3rd. The junior world champion is Joseph Szczur (USA).

In addition to Lassi, Janne Lappi place 36th, just shy of making the semifinals. Esa Eirola was invited to serve as a judge.

Lassi has been presenting Finland several times before. In the last world championships in South-Africa 2013 he was 11th. In 2014 he was 7th at the European Championships and he won the F3A World Cup.

This season Lassi was on the podium in every world cup competition he participated in. In Karlstad, Sweden he sealed his 3rd consecutive Nordic Champion tittle. Later in August he will most likely seal his 10th consecutive Finnish Champion tittle.


F3A WC 2015 finalists

The 10 finalists, Lassi third from left



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