Pattern planes

  • CA Models
    >> Planes from Argentina (Epsilon, Eclipse, Genesis, Osmose)
  • Composite ARF
    >> Composite planes (Impact, Integral)
  • Insight RC
    >> Plans and kits from USA (Insight, Voodoo Express, Pentathlon)
  • JM-Composites
    >> Full composite planes from Czech Republic (Rhapsody, Abbra, Leviosa)
  • Krill-model
    >> Mainly large scale planes but some F3A planes as well (Spark)
  • Naruke Hobby
    >> Handmade planes from the former F3A World Champion (Aries, Altire, Adventure, Aurea)
  • OXAI
    >> Quality ARF F3A planes (Diesel, Impression, Pinnacle, Beryll, Zeque, Astral-XX, Euphoria)
  • S2PRO
    >> Handmade planes from Japan (Zegue, Duplex)
  • SebArt
    >> ARF planes byl Sebastiano Silvestri (Funtana, Angel-S)
  • TS-Composite
    >> Italian composite planes (Oxalys, Onyx, Axial)
  • Wistmodel
    >> Composite planes from Poland (Vivat, Prestige)
  • X-Treme Composite
    >> Composite planes from Thailand (OTOP, Astral-XX, Shinden, ProLine)
  • ZN Line
    >> French/Belgian F3A planes and other equipment such as motors (Oxalys, Integral)