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2014 F3P Open Finnish Championship will be oraganised in Iittala on 8th March in 2013. The classes flown: FAI, Advanced, Sport and Freestyle. The FAI class contest is a registrated official FAI-contest. FAI sporting licence is required in FAI class.




On Friday 7th in the contest hall there is free practise at 17.00-22.00.

The event starts at 8.00 on Saturday 8th with practice and registration. Briefing at 9.30 and the contest begins at 10.00. The hall is reserved till 22.00. FAI class will follow FAI’s rules including 4 preliminary rounds and 3 final rounds (7 pilots). In Advanced and Sport classes 3 rounds, in Aeromusical 2 rounds. The FAI sequences are the official FAI AP15 and AF15.


Participation fees

– FAI 40e

– Advanced 35e

– Sport 30e

– Aeromusical 10e


Contest place

Iittala is located 120km (1,5 hour trip by car) north of Helsinki. Address: Hollaajantie 2, 14500 Iittala, Finland.


By airplane you can arrive at Helsinki airport. To Helsinki and Turku (150km from Iittala) there are also good ship connections from Sweden, Estonia, Poland and Germany. The distance to Iittala from Vaalimaa border crossing (from Russia) is 250km.

The hall is a school gym with an area of 25m x 45m and the height of the ceiling is 10-12m. The hall is excellent for indoor flying, no disturbing air ventilation or dazzling lights. Some videos at the end of this page.


For walking on the floor ot the hall indoor shoes are recommended. Competitors’ equipment can be stored in the hall from Friday 7th at 17:00 till Saturday 8th at 22:00. Planes and epuiqment will be placed in the dressing rooms. Competitors arriving by airplane can leave their transportation boxes in the hall building during the contest.



There are several good hotels in Hämeenlinna, which is the closest bigger city, 25km to the south from the hall. We are asking for some special prices, these will be updated here soon.


  • Cumulus Hämeenlinna (Hämeenlinna city center, 25km from the hall) – Special price double room 99€, single room 89€. Includes sauna and breakfast.
  • Hotelli Waltikka. Located in the center of Valkeakoski, smaller town to the north from Iittala, 26km from the hall. Special price single room 70€, double room 80€ including breakfast. To get the special price, mention you are attending the model aeroplane competition = “lennokkikisat”.
  • Hotel and Spa Rantasipi Aulanko. Located a bit further from the Hämeenlinna city center, 28km from the hall. Single room 126€, double room 74€/person. Includes breakfast and use of the pools.
  • Vanajanlinna. Located a bit further from Hämeenlinna city center, 36km from the hall.
  • Hotelli Emilia (Hämeenlinna city center) – Full on saturday-sunday…


  • Niemikotkan lomamökit. Cottages,~25km from the hall but very remote location, far from any city. Only one cabin, “Kotkansiipi” is available for booking. Suitable for 4 persons, special price 400€ for two nights on March 7.-9th
  • Villa Haikara. A luxury cabin for max 5 people located 6.5km from the hall.
  • Lepaanranta cabins.  Owned by the city of Hämeenlinna, located 6km from the hall. Very basic accommodation, you need your own bed linen, there is only a matress on the floor etc. We have reserved one cabin for fri-sat and both for sat-sun (the other was unfortunately reserved already). Max is 13 persons per cabin but that is really on the limit, 8-10 is more comfortable 😉 email Janne if interested in this option. Address is Hartunkärjentie 156, 14500 Hämeenlinna. The first to arrive can get the key from Saku Nyman, +358 50 412 2596.


On Saturday 8th it is possible to have lunch in the Lasimäki restaurant, very close to the hall (100-200m). The timetable during lunch time will be arranged so that F3P FAI pilots and judges can have lunch while sport and advanced classes are flown.

There will be a buffet with small snacks, drinks, coffee etc in the hall on saturday. For friday evening and late on saturday, it is recommended to reserve some own snacks.

Registered pilots


  1. Janne Lappi
  2. Alexey Lantsov (RUS)
  3. Kimmo Kaukoranta
  4. Iiro Lehto
  5. Jaakob Lidauer jr.
  6. Alexander Moberg (SWE) jr.
  7. Gunnar Karlsson (SWE)
  8. Donatas Pauzuolis (LT)
  9. Felix Scander (SWE) jr.
  10. Igor Shilov (RUS)
  11. Fabien Turpaud (FRA)
  12. Nicolas Pietu (FRA)
  13. Nicolas Detry (FRA)
  14. Theo Catros (FRA)
  15. Julien Hecht (FRA)
  16. Stephane Pietu (FRA)

Advanced (F3P-B)

  1. Jarmo Heinonen
  2. Risto Hölttä
  3. Mika Ala-Korpi
  4. Janne Hautala
  5. Dmitry Lisnevsky (BEL)


  1. Jarmo Heinonen
  2. Jukka Lahtinen
  3. Juho Lahtinen
  4. Matias Saviaro jr.
  5. Anssi Aunola


Janne Lappi
Kimmo Kaukoranta
Iiro Lehto
Jaakob Lidauer jr.
Donatas Pauzuolis (LT)
Felix Scander (SWE) jr.
Fabien Turpaud (FRA)
Nicolas Pietu (FRA)
Nicolas Detry (FRA)
Theo Catros (FRA)


Esa Eirola (Chief Judge)
Raimo Sällinen
Pekka Jääskeläinen
Seppo Pekkala
Mika Ala-Korpi


If your name is in a wrong class, please inform us so I will correct it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions concerning the event and travelling: janne.lappi [email: janne.lappi #AT# saunalahti.fi ]

F3A Team Finland



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