Training Videos

Video examples of sport program manouvers. Videos are recorded using Aerofly Pro Deluxe simulator by Kimmo Kaukoranta [email: kimmo.kaukoranta #AT# ].

NOTE! Videos are present older sport program (pre 2007) and have some differences to current version.

  1. Take off (7.8MB)
  2. Loop (7.5MB)
  3. Half reverse cuban eight (6.7MB)
  4. Roll (8.1MB)
  5. Stall turn (11MB)
  6. Humbty-Bumb (6.3MB)
  7. Immelmann (4.2MB)
  8. Straight flight (4.5MB)
  9. Split-S (4.8MB)
  10. Two half-loops (6.2MB)
  11. Half reverse cuban eight (6.8MB)
  12. Cobra (5.1MB)
  13. Immellmann (4.2MB)
  14. Stall (7.6MB)
  15. Landing (4.8MB)