F3P Finnish Championship in Iittala

F3P Finnish Championships will be held in Iittala-Hall on April 2nd 2011. Iittala is located near Hämeenlinna, 125km north of Helsinki, 60km south of Tampere). The F3P FAI class will fly also the F3P-AF finals program. Rest of  the classes, F3P Sport, Advanced and Aeromusicals are part of Finnish Cup 2011.

The competition is open also for international pilots!  For further info, please email kimmo.kaukoranta [email: kimmo.kaukoranta #AT# nokia.com ]

Iittala-Hall is a basketball court sized hall with around 1200 sqm and ~10m free height.


Iittala Kisajuliste

The video below from last year should give You an idea about the size of the hall.

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