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F3P Indoor aerobatics during winter 2010-2011

There will be 4 or 5 indoor aerobatic contests this winter. Please see the contest calendar for more info. Not all of the events are there yet, but will be announced when the venues and dates clear.
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F3A Competition in Hämeenkyrö

The last competition of season 2011 will be held at Hämeenkyrö airfield on August 27.-28th.

NOTE! In this competition F3A FAI will fly the new P-13 preliminary program!!!

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F3A Competition in Oulu

The third competition of season 2011 will be held at Ahmosuo airfield in Oulu on June 2.-3rd.

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F3A Competition in Turku

The second competition of season 2011 will be held in Paattinen, Turku on June 11.-12th.

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F3A Competition in Ruotsinpyhtää

The first competition of season 2011 will be held in Ruotsinpyhtää on May 21.-22nd.

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F3A World Cup 2010 results, Lassi 14th.

Lassi Nurila placed 14th on the F3A World Cup 2010. Antti Aho-Mantila was 82nd.

Lassi’s best placings in the individual world cup competitions were 3rd in Reichenburg, Switzerland and 6th in Grandrieu, Belgium.

Winner was Sebastiano Silvestri (ITA), 2nd Gerhard Mayr (AUT) and 3rd Stefan Kaiser (LIE). There were 189 participants to the cup.

For full results, please see: 

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